How To Easily Create Infographics Using Microsoft PowerPoint

This has nothing to do with commercial real estate however I came across this the other day when I was lookings for ways to create images and call to action buttons for my website.  I never realized how underutilized Microsoft PowerPoint is.  Hubshout does a great job of sharing easy, inexpensive ways to create images, call to action buttons, infographics, etc…  They provide step by step instruction on how to create infographics, as well as give templates that you can use to make your own.

To download the presentation click on this link:  how to create infographics in powerpoint

Their blog post: How to create infographics using microsoft powerpoint provides all the instructions you need from creating the color scheme and inserting shapes, images, charts, call to action buttons, and logos.

It then gives you the steps needed to put it all together and create an infographic that you can post on your website and share via all your social media channels.



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