How to Get Facebook Fans From Online to in Your Retail Store

How to get facebook fans into your retail storeAt the end of the day a brick-n-mortar retail business wants more foot traffic.  You may run Facebook campaigns and increase your fan engagement, but HOW do you get those Facebook fans from online to in your retail store?  Below are just a few ways to getting your Facebook fans from online to in your store.

Offer Discounts Via Coupons

Onlinebusiness.com suggests that offering discounts via coupons has a psychological effect on consumers.  If the coupon is relevant to their needs they are more motivated to purchase and less likely to buy elsewhere.  They key in offering coupons is to require that the coupon be redeemed in your store.  This will help increase foot traffic.  And who knows………while they are there they may purchase another product or service!

You might also require users to answer a short questionnaire before being able to download a coupon.  This can give you the opportunity to share the benefits of your product before the coupon is downloaded…….thus increasing the chances that the consumer will us it.

Have Contests

Have contests that give people freebies or discounts ONLY if they participate in your retail store.  Duane Reade, a New York drug store ran a Show Us Your Party Legs photo contest on Facebook.

You could also set up a display in your store and have a photo contest that requires consumers to come in and take a photo with the display and then post it on your Facebook page.  You are already spending a lot of time creating displays for holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, and Valentines Day.  Why not integrate those into a contest to increase foot traffic in your store………..and have a little fun at the same time.

Offer Discounts on In-Store purchases

Macy’s does a great job at this.  You could create several themed promotions and offer them only to those that come into your store.  Facebook is a great platform to promote this since you are able to target a specific audience.  Within your promotions you want to motivate and encourage consumers to come into your retail store.

I’ve seen a lot more retailers using iPads at their checkouts.  This is a great way to display other special offers, to incent consumers in some way to enter their email address, or to simply get them to Like your Facebook page and maybe take a photo with their purchase.




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