How to Lure Shoppers back to Retail Stores?

retail-shoppers-retail-storeOnline shoppers are growing in numbers. Some retail consumers are switching to online shopping for convenience. You cannot blame them because online shopping has a lot of options and benefits for consumers like getting a product recommendations from other online shoppers, there are quick prices, they get to read product reviews, and a lot of of information about the product they are buying.

Consumers now have a vast of choices when buying a product. With the growing e-commerce industry and influencing social media, consumers who usually buy in retail stores are reducing in numbers. This growing trend makes it challenging to sell products for retail stores. What can they do about this?

Change is constant in our everyday life. For retail stores to complete with online stores, they must adopt the technology the growing super savvy shoppers like.

According to Lynne Davidson who is a managing director at TH_NK, going to retail stores to shop is a classic social activity. People are going to shopping malls and retail stores for the experience. However, this experience should be a good one to compete with online stores. Buyers should have more information about their product and should offer a variety of options to compete and create a good experience for shoppers.

Technology has something to offer to retail stores, too. There are new software application  that retail stores could have and be converted into intelligent stores that could compete with online retailers. However, in order to adopt this change, retailers should know first their customers. The best way to achieve this is also to use technology into existing practice like the following softwares:

Facial Recognition software

This software analyzes footage of customers’ faces walking into the store and compares existing database of past customer profiles. The device sends information about the customer using a handheld device. The information includes past items the shoppers had purchased, customer’s preferences, and can include the size of dress customer purchased before.

Go Mobile

This is already being adopted by some retail stores. Providing mobile support could track customers who purchase the same goods or patterns in targeting them to new similar products and discount coupons.

POS Devices

Retailers can also improve customer experience by adopting POS devices. This device allows buyers to checkout goods using mobile POS devices, thus minimizing the long wait for customers when buying in the store.

Adopt other smart technology

Retail stores can also adopt online services that will be available to smartphones and tablets. They could put up an online store where products are ready and available to purchase online, and they could pick it up in the retail store.

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