How to Make a Cheap DIY Stand Up Desk

diy cheap stand up deskIf you are like me you probably spend a lot of time sitting at work or at home.  According to many recent studies sitting too much is killing you!  From back problems to increased chances of cardiovascular disease people with desk jobs will have more health problems than those that stand or walk most of the day. Standup desks are all the rave these days however they can be quite expensive.  Because of that I wanted to show you how you can easily create your own standup desk for pennies on the dollar.

Here is how you do it:

  • Go to Ikea, Walmart, target or other store and buy two small end tables
  • Buy a 24 x 12 inch shelf from home depot or lowes
  • Set up the tables on your existing desk and then mount the shelf onto the legs of the end tables (see photos)

cheap stand up desk diy

That’s it.  Easy peasy!

A standup desk may not be for you however it’s worth trying.  If you don’t like it then at the very least try to get up out of your desk and move around at least once per hour.  Whether you have a standup desk or make it a point to move around a lot you will keep your metabolism from slowing down, relieve back pain, burn calories, and have a happier life.


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