Investors Interested in Purchasing Whole Foods

whole foods purchaseWith 87,000 employees, 465 retail locations, and annual sales of $14.5 billion Whole Foods could potentially be bought out in the near future. It’s being urged by a few of its major investors as they think it would be an attractive acquisition target. The 4 companies that could potentially buy Austin based Whole Foods are: 

  • Kroger – based out Cincinnati Ohio and has 2,796 stores in 35 states.  Pulled out of Central Texas years ago and are looking to get back. $115.3 Billion in sales.
  • Albertsons – based in Boise Idaho and has 2,200 stores in 35 states. $58.7 Billion in sales.
  • Publix – 1,147 stores in 6 states. Does not currently operate in Texas but has $34 Billion in sales.
  • Amazon – $136 Billion in sales. Has a huge distribution center in San Marcos and looking to expand it’s presence

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