Italian Style Hotel To Build in Hills of Westlake

coolest companies in austin txAnother luxurious hotel is planned to be built in the hills of Westlake overlooking Austin. The Italian inspired hotel plan is a project of the prestigious Houston developer. The Italian style hotel was designed by Giorgio Borlenghi, who is the founder of the company and his assistant, Dupree and Associates of Dallas. The hotel will start its construction on April 14. The hotel was designed to have 194 rooms, and it is a nine-story hotel.

The hotel will be built in a thirty eight acres land; however, only five acres will cover the floor plan of the hotel. The developers would like to maintain the countryside ambiance. It also has a two hundred twenty person capacity ballroom, library, private conference rooms, billiards and game rooms. It also has a fitness center, massage rooms, in-house restaurant, gardens, and a pool. The restaurant features a Northern Italian Cuisine.

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