How to Keep the Employees Focused and Productive

increase productivityDistractions in the workplace are common and have effects on the output of office workers. So, how do bosses keep their employees focused and productive? Check the following tips that can surely help you bring out the best from your employees as well as help them manage work distractions.

1. Implement proper scheduling of leave policies. Avoid unexpected absences. Advise your employees to schedule their planned leaves with their managers ahead of time. With this step, the managers or supervisors can arrange the schedule of deadlines and disseminate tasks to other employees.

2. Have flexible work policies. Did you know that flexible work time can boost the morale as well as productivity of your workers? Let your workers start their work earlier so that they can also leave early or work for four days instead of five.

3. Support your employees’ interests. For example, if your workers are World Cup fanatics, you can convert your conference rooms into screening rooms. Allow your employees to listen to radio stations for updates within the agreed time.

4. Make creative plans. Make them feel that you value them above other things. In case they want to watch a specific game match, don’t schedule a meeting that will overlap with the game schedule. The outcome may overwhelm them. If they have been unproductive for the day, allow them to take a time off.

5. Consider long term plans. It is not bad to accommodate the interest and welfare of your employees as long as it is reasonable.

6. Foster the value of teamwork.

7. Impose standard team meeting rules.
• Set phones to silent mode or enable vibrate.
• Keep phones on pockets or bags.
• Avoid interruptions to on-going conversations.
• Encourage constructive criticisms.
• Listen to new opinions and ideas.
• Be objective in understanding ideas.
• Respect deadlines.

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