Lady Gaga Performs at SXSW

The Audience instantly put their phone away as Lady Gaga was put on a speaker at SXSW in Austin, TX. Lady Gaga instructed not to take her picture and just have a good time. Well, it was not the easiest request to do when she went on stage Thursday night.Lady_Gaga_SXSW

It was a gruesome performance as many would say because at the start of her performance when she tried to wiggle free from the roasting pole were she was strapped as her grand entrance in the stage, a woman came on stage and straddled Lady Gaga on a bucking mechanical bull and vomit black and green liquids onto Gaga’s face and shoulder.
The audience almost thought that it was real because some even stood on their tiptoes to see if it was just part of her performance. However, lights flashed and confetti fell and fans bounced and cheered.

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