List of Commercial Real Estate Heavy Hitters in Austin

top sellerHere is the updated list for 2014’s top brokers in the office, leasing, retail, industrial, and sales industries. This publication is part of the annual contest for Heavy Hitters in Commercial Real Estate.
The top lists mentioned above include:

Heavy Hitters in
• Retail Real Estate
• Office Landlord Rep
• Industrial Real Estate
• Office Tenant Rep
• Building Sales

Companies nominated the lists through a nomination form. All agents per category maintained a spreadsheet to authenticate the square footage and the transaction numbers per category entered. Coworkers in charge of the deal share the deal splits, as required by the square footage. The 2013 leases retail category agreement, valid for one year, match the square footage leased and transaction numbers. This agreement category does not necessarily include all of the broker or agent’s activity.  You can read more about Austin Tenant Advisors Austin Commercial Real Estate.

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