How To Make Good Use of Office Travel Time

Does commuting to work eat up hours of your time? Traveling everyday can also make you feel tired and frustrated. Most of us usually just listen to our favorite music as we travel to work. However, the commute can be used for things like self-improvement.

Since everyone has a smartphone. Here are some tips on how to make your travel less tiring and more enjoyable.

Make Your To-Do list

You can do a mental checklist on the things to do during the day. You can work on it using your smartphone. Upload a To-Do list app in your smartphone and plan your day while you commute. Send it to your email or print it in the office.

Do Your Calls

There are some calls that are not really that important, but you need to do them in the office every day. You can do these calls while you commute. You can have your business or personal calls while you are in the bus or train so that they will not take your time once you are in the office.

Read and Learn

You can download a good e-book using your smartphone or tablet. You can catch up with your recreational or professional reading.

At the end of the day, while you are returning from work, you do some breathing exercises or just close your eyes and relax.

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