How Your Miserable Open Office Might Change This Year

How Your Miserable Open Office Might Change This YearOver the past years, open office plans became popular and replaced the traditional closed-plan layouts. However, open spaces resulted to discontentment among office employees and has been found out to threaten their health. As 2015 starts, companies have been looking for solutions to save their employees from the open office misery.

Kassin Laverty of Interior Design Fair shared some of the generally known office designs for 2015.

1.  According to Laverty, the focus of workplaces in the year ahead will shift on comfort. Break areas, couches and bean bag chairs are expected to be incorporated in the office set up. Through these additions, employees are encouraged to leave their workstations once in a while.
2.  To stimulate interaction and bonding among co-workers, collaborative spaces will be a part of a regular office layout. This trend is expected to improve the socialization and internal communication skills of each worker.
3.  To cater private phone calls and confidential meetings, companies will also infuse close enclaves thus creating a balance for public and private office matters.
4.  Because of the open space designs, more walls in the offices have been abolished. Now, workspaces are not defined by the position of the occupant. CEOs and the top management are now willing to share floors with regular employees to get involved with their daily cares.
5.  The most common disadvantage of having an office sedentary life is the havoc that it brings to one’s health. Sitting in front of workstations for long hours can cause heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. This 2015, companies are more willing to try the breakthroughs in workstations. As an option to the traditional desk, standing desks are now well-known. As a matter of fact, Facebook and Google are using these desks because they believe that it promotes productivity.

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