How Music Affects Work Productivity?

It may sound unbelievable, but it has been proven that music can affect work productivity and inspiration. Music can also block unwanted noise.

Studies show that while it is still a matter of personal preference, people who prefer listening to music while working are more focus and motivated.

Here are the relationship between work and music:

  • Listening to music can make the body release dopamine, a feel-good neurotransmitter that gives a person the feeling of happiness.
  • The release of dopamine in the body can also relieve a person’s stress.
  • It can also boost a person’s general mood.
  • It can improve focus.
  • Classical music can help some people achieve higher goals or complete a difficult task. It also improves concentration.
  • A song that has 50 to 60 beets per minute can improve employees’ focus.

However, there are certain conditions when playing music at work. Here are the conditions:

  • If music is played at work, the volume should be low enough for employees’ to hear.
  • It should be low enough to hear superiors when they call.
  • It should be low enough not to disturb people who do not want listening to music while working.
  • The appropriate music to listen at work depends on the work that is being done.

Music plays an important role in our culture. This is also why it helps people improve productivity. Depending on the music and personal preferences, it can help your business achieve higher goals.

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