My Workspace: How Dave Jennings Gets a Step Up

What do you do for exercise while at the office?  Well, Dave Jennings, VP at the Community Associations Institutes uses his office stairwell to stay in shape and be productive at the same time.  Check out his thoughts below on the advantages of having to use the stairs everyday on his way to work.

Perceptions of a workspace really depend on the person, so what if you work on an ordinary office building having to walk up the stairs every day?  It’s nothing but boring and routinely but not for Jennings. He used this opportunity to keep his body and mind functioning. A couple of steps up to the stairs could actually be regarded as a form of exercise considering that most of the day is spent sitting in front of the desk working,  which leaves less or no time to work out.

Aside from getting the body all worked up, the mind can also benefit from this routinely stairwell walk. Avoiding the rather noisy and crowded lobby and office space gets your mind solitude and peaceful.  It allows you to think and reflect deeply. The bland stairwell at the workspace is not that bad after all.

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