National Small Business Week

acquisition_agree-on-contractJanet Yellen will discuss issues surrounding small businesses at the upcoming National Small Business Week reception in Washington, D.C.

The reception will take place on May 15 at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The event will feature small business administration programs on a National Small Business Week. Events related to this event will also take place in San Francisco, Kansas City and Boston.

If you wish to hear an extensive speech of Yellen’s, attend the Independent Community Bankers of Association’s annual Washington Policy Summit on Thursday to hear her out. Community banks are key sources of loans depended on by small businesses. Likewise, these banks provide resolutions to regulatory burdens. Yellen prioritizes Main Street just as much as she does Wall Street.

Ben Bernanke spoke only at a small business-lending summit at the Fed in 2010. This was the time when small businesses were struggling. Bernanke even further heard out the insights of small business owners and bankers during this event.
The Fed’s leaders give importance to the existence of the economy’s job creators-the business owners.

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