What Your Office Design Says About You As a Leader

Your office is your kingdom. It represents a modern-day throne where you rule your realm. You have the power to cast down hirings, rulings, as well as firings. However, do you know that your office can also become everyone else dungeon? Your office is a symbolism of your power and success.

Atmosphere and location can influence and change a message. If you are speaking with someone at a park, the conversation tone, mood, energy, and body language is different if you speak with someone in a bar.

As you bring guests and employees to your office, think of the messages your office space design sends to them because a boss or a superior’s office is powerful.

Your office space set up sends a subconscious message

Have you seen an interrogation room? If you walk into one, you will see a table and two or three chairs. The chair facing the table is moderately low and uncomfortable.  The other chair facing the other chair is higher and is clearly more comfortable than the other. This is where the interrogator sits.

This simple office space design creates a subtle message between the suspect and interrogator. Check your office set up if you see any similarities. If you want to reinforce your status as the message, this is a great office space set up for you.

Your Office Décor Shows What You Value and Treasure

Pictures, awards and memorabilia show what you value most. If you always conduct meetings in your office, and you are pushing for teamwork and collaboration, you need to check first if your office decors send a subtle message about these values.

You cannot pitch for teamwork and team collaboration if your office is decorated like a hall of fame of yourself like pictures and awards that were solely accomplished by you.

Check your office and figure what kind of message it sends to your guests. Your office is an extension of you and an extension of your company. Remember, a message is sent and received the moment someone walks inside your office.


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