Office Lease Austin: The Advantages of an Open Office Layout

Open Office LayoutOne of the most critical and exciting decisions made when opening shop in a new office space lease is choosing the layout of your office. Being that your office space is both your business home and one of your major expenses; your office layout should resemble the culture of your company while maximizing the space you have to work in. We have touched base in previous posts about calculating your space requirements and cutting costs by initiating a “green” strategy, but here we will discuss some advantages and suitability’s for having an open office layout.

The concept of an open office layout has been around for a long time but they have become more popular in recent years as companies who need optimal interaction while having a team-centered culture wish to enhance team participation and group engagement in the workplace. An open office layout creates an environment where creativity is increased through an open line of communication with your peers. These types of layouts are also said to increase creativity from the flow of ideas through an enhanced team setting. Better yet, open layouts require lower amounts of square feet needed by a single employee and will allow you to cut costs by renting a smaller work space and using it more efficiently assuming you have ample parking.

Here are a few circumstances in which you may wish to implement and open office layout:

  • Your staff is comprised of extroverts who enjoy communicating amongst one another to work collectively.
  • Your employees aren’t involved in highly critical work that involves a high level of concentration or privacy.
  • You don’t have a high budget for planning your office layout
  • You plan to expand your business with the addition of more employees. As long as you stay within your buildings parking ratio requirement, open layouts are more flexible for growth.

These are just a few examples of how an open office layout may be more fitting for both your wallet and company culture. Visit our website here for more information about office design and helpful tips for calculating your space cost.

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