Office Space Austin: Moving Tips

Office Moving ChecklistHave you found that perfect office and have no idea where to start with your office move? This blog post will help you figure out what all needs to happen to make your office moving process easy by providing you with a cool Office Moving Checklist.

In last week’s Cool Tools Blog Series, we shared with you a cool podcast that helps estimate your expenses for your business. This week, we’ll help you determine all of your office moving needs so you can get moved in to your new space faster and easier.

Office Moving Checklist

Phase I: During Final Contract Negotiations

– Choose the move day

– Give current landlord move-out notice (typically 30 days)

– Bid and schedule movers (mover needs to be bonded and insured)

– Finalize build-out plan, choose paint; carpet (materials may not be in stock)

– Order chairs, desks, cubes (new furniture could take 1-2 months to arrive)

– Evaluate phone system needs, get bids and schedule phone move

– Order phone lines, forwarding, service move (long distance, 1-800 numbers)

– Order Internet access / move (can take up to 30 days for some services)

– Evaluate computer networking needs and get wiring bids

– Get business insurance quote for new space

– Arrange for copier move

Phase II: Immediately After Finalizing Lease Contract

– Order or print change of address labels for notification

– Print new address labels for existing stationery, marketing materials

– Order new stationery, business cards, shipping labels and forms

– Order keys / access cards from management of your new building

– Ask management of new building to order your suite sign

– Send address change to customers, subscriptions, government agencies

– Order checks with new address

Phase III: Preparing for the Move

– Install phone lines, phone systems

– Assign new phone numbers, extensions

– Inventory existing computers, existing furniture

– Purge old, obsolete materials

– Create new office layout map

– Back up computers

– Pack up desks, personal spaces, common areas

– Code furniture and boxes for each office

– Notify Post Office of Change of Address

– Update Web site with new information

– Obtain moving crates/cartons

– Distribute new keys, cards

– Collect old keys, cards

– Reserve access areas parking meters, entrance way, loading areas

– Coordinate move time with both management companies

– Finalize business insurance and deliver proof to new landlord

Phase IV: Moving Day

– Post directions on your old office door to your new location

– Give new directions and phone numbers to tenants on your floor

– Take digital pictures of the move-out condition of your old office

– Move plants

– Post coded signs in new office for movers

Phase V: Post-move

– Return old keys, cards to management company

– Talk to management about your security deposit refund

– Periodically visit old office to pick up mail

– Schedule phone training

Austin Tenant Advisors can help you find the perfect Austin office space. Once you’ve found the right space, use this office moving checklist to help with the office move.

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