Office Space Pranks on April Fools’ Day

april fools day office space pranksOffice space pranks on April Fools’ Day are fun however before you decide to do it unless you are sure that your boss or coworkers will think it’s funny.  You don’t want to hurt your reputation or lose your job!  Keeping this in mind below are a few April Fools’ day office pranks that might work.

Wrap your Coworkers Office

Whether you use tin foil or newspapers wrap everything in site!  Wrap their desk, chair, office supplies, and computer.  If you have any foil or paper left over cover the walls and floor as well.

Ping Pong Balls in Cabinet

Find the supply cabinet or some other cabinet that gets used frequently and stuff it with ping pong balls.  Come in the night before and stuff as many ping pong balls in it as you can.  Then the next day as a coworker to get something for you and watch their face as they open the cabinet.

Call in Sick

Get all your coworkers to agree to call in sick the morning of April Fools Day.  Tell everyone to not come into the office until AFTER the boss arrives.  Then before they get to upset have everyone come in with some donuts and coffee.

Fill the cubicle

Seal the entrance of the cubicle and then fill it full of balloons, Styrofoam or some other safe (and easy to clean material).

Take a Message

This one will require the help of several coworkers.  Have at least 5-10 people call a specific coworker on April Fools Day and ask for a persons name that you have chosen (e.g. Fred, Doug, etc..).  At the end of the day have another coworker call that specific “targeted” coworker and identify himself as that name and ask if there are any messages for him.

Other ideas to make the office fun on April Fools Day

Have a Chewbacca Roar Contest.  Set up an office phone extension for employees to call.  Have each person leave a voicemail and contact info and give their best Chewbacca Roar impersonation.  Whoever has the best roar will receive $100.

Again office space pranks can turn out badly if your chosen person does not have a sense of humor or the prank was a little too edgy.  Make sure you pick the right person and plan your prank out well in advance and make it appropriate for the office.

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