Office Spaces Getting Smaller But Nicer with More Amenities

office space footprint shrinkingAs more and more companies embrace the mobile workforce and increasing office space efficiency it seems that office space needs are shrinking. Office space footprints maybe downsizing however at the same time companies are seeking nicer office space with more amenities to help retain and recruit employees. Companies today are looking to “Wow” their employees. Below are a few other office space trends to watch.

  • The workforce new and old have different work styles which companies need to accommodate to ensure overall productivity and satisfaction. Work environments such as co-working, standing, lounging, etc have to be taken into consideration to fit today’s workforce.
  • Office space with flexibility is key also. It’s important to have the ability to recalibrate space as needed and to create spaces that are multipurpose so areas do not get wasted.
  • Remote working is being encouraged and companies are allocating savings to more technology to support mobile workers
  • Average sf per person now ranges from 125 to 225 sf depending on the type of business
  • Creative office space is in demand such as exposed ceilings, ductwork, and beams, polished concrete floors, etc. It used to be only creative type companies that wanted creative space however now it has a much broader appeal.
  • Companies are seeking amenity rich buildings and spaces such as rooftop decks, fitness centers, food trucks, outdoors areas such as bocce ball, volleyball, and frisby golf, shared conference rooms, bike storage lockers, electric car charging, Wi-Fi patios, etc.office space amenities
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