One Word Entrepreneurs Should Never Use

Hope is one word entrepreneurs avoidThe word “hope” implies a lot of negative meaning for some entrepreneurs. It could imply lack of control and lack of planning.

Lack of Planning

If an entrepreneur hopes, it is already the beginning of something that was not in his plan. A successful businessman has a plan for executing, assessing and address something through unexpected situations. He does not hope that the situation would be better because he has plan B, plan C, and plan D for the unexpected situation.

Lack of Control

Giving up control is the last thing an entrepreneur should do. This is control is what makes someone an entrepreneur. This is the reason why you lead and someone will follow, not the other way around. The lack of control to your business, or someone, or something will be the cause of business failure.

It is not really wrong to hope; we all do; however, in the world of business, it is best to start a plan first, be in control and have a backup plan as you approach every situation. Delete the word “hope” in your vocabulary and focus on planning for your business success.

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