Paul Walker’s Cause of Death Revealed

Looking at Paul Walker’s handsome face in this article still makes me shiver and I really cannot believe that Paul Walker is dead already. His blue eyes staring back at me from my web page while I write this article about his death.

Death is really something that no one could escape from. Whether you are rich or famous, you can never cheat death. It was too bad; Paul died at a young age of 40 years old. And we all know that life begins at 40.

My heart is heavy writing this article because I have been a huge fan of Walker. Well, according to L.A County Coroner’s Office, the tragic crash took the life Paul. The cause of death is due to both thermal and traumatic injuries.

It was identified by the LA County Coroner’s office that Paul did not die instantly after the crash, he was still alive at the time of the crash; However, due to the fire in the car crash, he might have killed him at the crash scene. His friend was believed to die instantly right after the crash.

Read more of Paul Walker’s death here.

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