How to Pick Salespeople for Your Company

types of sales peopleMost entrepreneurs are having a little challenge in hiring the right sales person for their company. If you are a startup and your business is fast growing, hiring someone who can focus on sales will just be the best step to do in order for you to save money, time and be able to achieve your targeted sales.

Here are four types of sales people that you need to know about before you make your hiring decision.


A sales person who has the farmer approach is focused on cultivating long term relationships with clients. If you plan on building relationships with your customers or clients, and your vision is for these customers to go back to your company or store when they need additional products, a sales person who is like a farmer is the perfect person for you.


The hunter approach is focused more on getting big deals or selling large ticket item. If you are just building a new business, this kind of sales person is great for you. However, this kind of sales person is not focused on establishing long term client relationship. It is just focused to deliver the targeted sales for the week, month, or year.


A shepherd type sales person is someone who is already established in the marketing industry and who is already widely recognized in an industry as an expert. If you are launching a new product or service line or you are expanding, this is the type of sales person you need to  find.


It is the best person to hire if you are launching in a specific location or moving in a new market. He is the best sales person who knows or hails from that market.

These are the different types of sales people to think about as you prepare to interview and hire additional sales staff.

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