Jackie Can Deliver Olympic Symbol Doughnuts. Can Your Business?

Jia Jiang, a local  Austin, Tx entrepreneur started a blog series entitled “100 Days of Rejection Therapy” in which his goal is to get rejected at least once per day over the next 100 days.  His purpose in doing this is to help overcome his fear of and desensitize himself of rejection.  You would think that would be easy right?

Well he failed after only his third day after he went to a local Krispy Kreme Donuts here in Austin, Tx and asked one of the employees, Jackie if they could make specialized olympic Symbol doughnuts.

Watch the video below.  You will want to hire Jackie after seeing this.  I’ll bet if you were to do this same test at 10 other stores you would be lucky to find another employee willing to go above and beyond.  This is the kind of customer service and mentality that businesses should strive for!

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