Retailer eBay Looks to Add 400 Jobs in Austin

Taking Austin by storm, eBay plans to expand by hiring 400 additional employees. Main attraction for this plan will be a tax rebate amounting to $1.25 million if it is allowed and approved by the city council.

This project proposal of eBay under the Texas Enterprise Zone Act is still on the process, but the company stays positive as it deems to lease office spaces at North Austin that is proportionate to 66,000 square feet. Eight million dollars are the projected capital investment but Austin Economic Developer, Dusty McCormick, still wants to monitor the company’s performance only by then could they pass and get a refund each year.

The large number of employees to be hired by eBay has an offer of quite good salary and position but no matter how promising it may be there is still a loophole. McCormick pointed out that jobs should be diversely given depending on the person’s qualifications. It is a challenge that is yet to be proven.

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