RunTex Evicted From Downtown Austin Retail Store

Runtex’s downtown Austin retail store located at Riverside Drive and South First Street has been closed.  Due to them no paying rent for the last 3 months the landlord, David Dunlap was forced to shut them down.  RunTex had not paid rent since January.  Part of the company’s problems have resulted in failed attempts at expanding the companies brands.  Trying to expand too quickly caused them a lot of personal and financial stress.  RunTex’s Farwest store is also behind on rental payments and the owner, Paul Carrozza is looking for help from investors.

RunTex has been at this location for over 17 years and has helped produce some of the best running and community events in Central Texas.

In the coming months a new luxury apartment and retail project is expected to commence on the 1.53 acre site.  They expect to be able to complete the project (including permits) in about 18 months.

Read the full story about RunTex closure here

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