Six ways to promote your small business for free

It is really a challenge for a new product or business to be noticed. Even the best PR professionals have some hard time marketing themselves.

The rule in marketing is if you do not market yourself, no one else will. It is the same as if you do not believe in yourself, no one will do.

Identify Customers

The first step is identifying your targeted customers or clients. Once you have an idea who your prospective clients are, then you would know how to reach them. Social Media

You can use social media to make your business notice. All social media mediums are free. Establish credibility and audience from there. You can follow and get followers. You can interact with other people who are in your area using these mediums and eventually get more clients.


Check for free directory listings. You can go to Google places, Yelp and Yahoo and claim your business in these online directories.


Create your own website and make sure to put fresh content in it. You can create a blog in one of your web pages.

Become an expert in what you do. Gain trust by being an expert in your line of business. You can establish this using your blog by talking about what you know in the field of your business. You can repost articles from other people, but make sure you give proper credit by mentioning them or linking their site to your post.

Local Community

Do not forget to get involved in your community. Associations and groups that align in your business are a good way to make connections and networks.

Logo and branding

Never forget to brand your business. Create a logo that would represent you and your business and own it. Your logo and your name are who you are and what you do. Make sure it reflects your business.

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