Some Law Firms Are Creating Office Space that is Mobile

lawfirm office space designThis law firm (CMS) has completely redesigned their office space to make it more mobile and client friendly. They have completely ditched the reception desk and opted for a concierge type area for clients to feel more welcome.

All of the employees were given new laptops, wireless headsets, and 24 inch screens to enable them to be mobile and utilize the different workspaces throughout the office. The new technology used at Cannon Place allows their staff to work remotely, at their desks, in meeting rooms, or around the building.

CMS has created an office and system of working that the legal profession has never seen. All of the desks are assigned however their space is designed in a way that allows them the ability to expand and adapt to business needs.

With their new open office plan and new technology to go with it CMS has created a mobile collaborative environment. Fee earners are grouped according to their specialties and their staff are close by and able to share knowledge & ideas with coworkers, and be more innovative in how the service their clients.

Check out the photos of their new mobile office here: This London Law Firm Went Totally Mobile

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