Spaces, Inc. Celebrates 20 Years of Inspiring Workspace Design

Spaces Incorporation’s Interior architectural and workspace design firm has been taking the lead in designing workspaces for two decades. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Spaces Inc. witnessed the trends as private offices transformed into new faces of open spaces.

The evolving technology and modernization have a great impact in the workspace design nowadays. There is a fast disappearance of private offices surrounded by a perimeter within the building.  Most of which are converted to a layout of open offices to allow natural light to penetrate. Office settings are more creatively designed to adapt to different types of work and to fit on the diversity of the workers.

Open spaces also promote communication, which is considered a very important aspect to every employee. Presently, space planning and design industry produced a noticeable impact to manufacturers compared to the old plans and designs 20 years ago. Furthermore, companies today are satisfied with a more fun and dynamic workplace.

Space Inc. left a trademark that most industries tried to emulate. It will continue to inspire and live with its vision to motivate and share its expertise to others.

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