What are Startup Misconceptions?

Entrepreneurship is one of the popular paths nowadays. It has evolved into something that almost everyone can take unlike before where only wanted to become an entrepreneur. Here are startup misconceptions that most entrepreneurs usually fall and fail.

Easy way to make you rich

Some new entrepreneurs thought that starting up an organization or a company will make them rich. It is a common fantasy that after establishing a company, the funding team will get rich. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Most successful startups fail to maintain their success.

Perfect timing

Starting a new company deals with a lot of planning; however, some entrepreneurs see planning as just extra steps that can be skipped.

Building a founding team

The founding team is the most important ingredients in building a successful startup. It is never easy assembling a founding team. The company depends on these people; hence, they all must share a common vision. Settling for anything less is never an option in this stage.

You cannot do something that already exists

The real deal here is that it does not matter if your idea is something that already exists, you can still pursue a business on it as long as you can identify the open gaps and start investing on those gaps. Competition is healthy. Remember, Google was the 80th company to enter the search space.

Your products need to be perfect

Most new entrepreneurs have this idealistic vision on how to launch their product, and they wait for the perfect timing to accomplish significant milestones. The reality is you just need to launch the business before it is too late.


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