Startup to redefine how commercial space is found

Austin startup, Real Massive wants to change how commercial real estate is marketed and found.  The two founders Joshua McClure and Craig Hancock felt there was a need to better manage commercial real estate listings so that users of office space could find space easier and landlords could easily keep their listing information updated in real time.

The plan is to serve the Austin commercial real estate market first then eventually expand nationally.  Commercial real estate listing information will be free to Tenants and users of office space while brokers will pay a fee which will be decided upon later.

While their idea is great they still have an uphill battle as to keep the data updated will still require “People” to keep is fresh.  That is what Costar and the other online listings companies rely on and have been challenged to do so.  The data will still be user generated which means there is room for inaccurate data.  Hopefully they prove that theory wrong!


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