Startup Tech Trends to look for in 2014

Trends for startupsThinking of a startup business to establish this 2014? Well, here are the trends that seem to be major components of startup tech companies.


2013 was a year of intrusions and leaks in users’ privacy. This caused a lot of panic to consumers making them more vigilant in using mobile apps. This is a great opportunity to invest on privacy attentive mobile applications.

Smart Stuff

Tech gadgets are on a trend of smart stuff like smart devices, smart watches, smart glasses, etc. If you are an entrepreneur, you may want to look into this field and come up with an innovative gadgets or ideas.

Unlimited Data

Large Data is a trending feature of tech companies since 2012, and it is still growing this year. More companies are looking into big data to use in coming up with innovative products.

If you are considering a startup, you might look into these three trends in planning your business.

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