How to stop using your email inbox as a to-do list in three easy steps

Tips-to-maximize-productivityEmail has been part of our everyday life in the office. It is probably the first thing we check as soon as we arrive and sit in our office desk. Most of us have formed a habit in making our inbox as a virtual To-Do List. However, making your inbox as a to-do list cause confusion and stress as the inbox becomes full. To prevent that from happening, try not to make your inbox as a to-do list. Here are some steps on how to help you stop making your inbox a virtual to-do list.

Scan Your Inbox
Try to scan every mail and determine those that contain references for future meetings and agendas, emails that need to follow up, and email confirmations and notifications.

Relocate emails
Once you have determined each one, try to categorize and relocate them. Your emails that represent a future task can be dragged to your outlook or notes.

Delete unnecessary emails
Delete unnecessary and out dated emails.
Make sure to a lot at least 15 minutes every day to relocate your emails. Make sure to use your note or to-do list software instead of your mailbox.

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