SXSW Announces First Slate of 2015 Showcasing Bands

kid_rock_concert_auditorium_215805A festival that would run for 10 days will be the talk of the town as South by Southwest 2015 reveals some of their showcasing bands. This is on top of other panel reveals and announcements made about the event.

Below are some of the musical artists that will be playing all over Austin on the said festivity:

1. Buenaparte
2. Brolin
3. The Boxing Lesson
4. Bonaparte
5. Bogan Via
6. Bloods
7. Black Taxi
8. Black Milk
9. Blacklist Royals
10. Bishop Nehru
11. Big Phony
12. Be Forest
13. James Bay
14. Courtney Barnett
15. The Barberettes

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