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How to Ergonomically Optimize Your Workspace

This article reminds us why it’s so important to provide your office employees an ergonomically safe workplace.  Poor ergonomics in your workspace can cause musculoskeletal conditions that eventually have a negative impact on your nerves, tendons and muscles.  Your employees spend a lot of hours sitting at their desk which longer term can cause these…Read More→

Workspace Design Trends – From ‘I’ Space to ‘We’ Space

Workspace design trends have changed!  Historically, workspace layout took its cue from the organizational flow chart; “power” locations depended upon the proximity to the office of the CEO. That dynamic has now changed thanks to the information revolution. Since information is now “king,” workspace design has become more flexible. With this new thinking, ‘I’ space…Read More→

Workspace can reinforce company culture

For companies to continue growing, attracting and retaining the best talent, increasing productivity, and keeping employees happy it’s important that they rethink the importance of WORKSPACE  now and in the coming years. Mark McClain, CEO and co-f0under of SailPoint Technologies suggests that companies do the following: Provide an envionment that shows visitors that you are doing well…Read More→

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