Things Productive People Refuse to Do

productive people refuse to do certain thingsBeing productive is really a challenge. Sometimes, even if you focus on things, it seems time is not really a friend that helps you in accomplishing a lot of things. Well, being more productive means changing your old habits to new and adapting to new routines.

Being productive does not only mean you need to stay focused and you have the will power to say no. You will be surprised to know that most productive people are actually really doing less. Why? Well, there are two more secrets to have a more productive work. Those are learning to outsource and delegate work. There are tasks that just eat your time and opportunity to produce more in a day. Hence, list those simple tasks that eat up a lot of your time, which you can pass on to other people. Outsource them virtually if you can so you will have more time to do the more important tasks.

Pass your Calendar to someone else

Check your calendar and if you see some reminders like cancelling a free trial online, or sending follow up email can be delegated to someone else. Hire a virtual assistant who will be able to do these little but time consuming work.

Research or Buying Stuff Online

Searching for online gifts, travel arrangements, initial searchers and inquiries can eat your time. You can ask someone to trim down your choice so that you will just spend a minimal time search these items.

Administrative tasks

All those administrative tasks can be delegated to someone so you can focus planning and leading your team instead of doing admin task first. Hire someone who can do this job. It is easier now to find a qualified person to do these tasks, especially now that virtual assistant is very popular for businessman, entrepreneurs, and other busy people who cannot do these tasks and needs to focus on more important things in the business.

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