Things that Cost the U.S. Billions in Lost Workplace Productivity

There are literally thousands of studies on things that cost the U.S. Billions in lost workplace productivity.  Added all up, Americans have habits, distractions, and health issues that potentially cost the U.S. over $1.8 trillion each year.  Many of these studies are ridiculous and very subjective, and could be picked apart if really analyzed.  To give you an idea take a look at the list below of things that “studies” have show that cause workplace productivity.

  • Disengaged employees – $550 billion per year
  • Obesity – $153 billion
  • Smoking – $92 billion
  • Commuting – $90 billion
  • Password changes – $16 billion
  • Facebook – $28 billion
  • Fantasy Football – $18 billion
  • Angry Birds – $1.5 billion
  • Searching the internet – $134 billion
  • Coffee breaks – $11.4 billion

What do you think…..Ridiculous or Not?

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