Thinktiv Helps Austin Entrepreneurs Build and Launch

Thinktiv, an Austin-based technology accelerator, supplies local entrepreneurs with the expertise and capital needed to bring new products to market. Founded in 2007, Thinktiv has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups achieve market success.

Thinktiv is a unique technology accelerator – it operates as both a services provider and as an investment firm. As a service provider, Thinktiv has specialized staff it can deploy on any given project. Software developers, project managers, designers, and industry experts are available to entreprenuers who partner with Thinktiv. By using the Thinktiv team, startups can avoid burning through money while trying to build their own team.

Thinktiv also offers its investment services in exchange for an ownership stake, which is typically a 1 percent to 5 percent stake in a startup. If Thinktiv acts as a co-founder and helps fund a startup, it usually takes an ownership stake of 10 percent to 25 percent.

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