This $4K Office desk has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a touchscreen

It may look like an ordinary minimalist European style desk, but it comes with a lot of advance technology and health benefits. The new Stir Kinetic desk is your ideal work desk. It comes with cool sensor that could sense your presence, movements, and your habits of learning.

It comes with a built in motor, and it could stir adjusts to different heights, allowing you to work in your in different position like standing, sitting on a lower exercise ball, or in a standard office chair.

The $4,000 desk has a built in Bluetooth, touchscreen and Wi-Fi. The desk works similarly like a fitness Tracker. If it learns that you have run before starting your work, it will suggest something that will be fitted to your activity profile. It will help you work more effectively.

What is cooler about it is it can prolong your expectancy. There was an Australian study where it shows that sitting cuts 22.8 minutes off your life expectancy. Aw! I am sitting while I am writing this article.

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