Top 5 Earth Day Ideas for the Office

Earth Day Ideas for The officeEarth day began in 1970 and since then millions of people celebrate it every year on April 22nd as a way to remind ourselves to conserve energy and resources. It’s also a great excuse to take a hard look at your office’s conservation efforts. Although we all can’t afford to lease office space in Class A “Green” office buildings we can make a few easy changes to make our office space just a little greener.  While individually our efforts don’t feel like they impact much, collectively if we all just did one thing today (e.g. use cloth napkin instead of paper) we will make an impact.

So to celebrate Earth Day, we are sharing our top 5 tips for making your office space greener.

1.  Buy Plants – Plants not only help rid your office of air toxins, they also help generate a little more employee stimulation and productivity.  Whether you have lots or sunlight in your office or not there are lot’s of options to choose from.

2.  Print on both sides – Save some trees today by printing documents on both sides of the paper.  It can also save you a lot of money!

3.  Walk or bike to work today – If you are able to walk or bike to work……. Do IT!  Leave 30 minutes to 1 hr earlier today and just do it.  If you are too far then consider car pooling.

4.  Pack lunch with waste free materials – This might seem totally impossible but try it.  Re-usable containers, cloth napkins, and metal silverware.

5.  Turn computers off when not using – If you go to lunch…… turn off your computer.  If you are not using it for longer than 30 min to 1 hour…..turn it off.  Collectively if we all do that we can help reduce our carbon footprint.

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