Top 5 Predictions for Medical Office Real Estate in 2015

Top 5 Predictions for Medical Office Real Estate in 2015Top executives at Revista, an Annapolis, Md.-based research company that focuses on and tracks investment sales and construction statistics in the medical office real estate industry have 5 top predictions for 2015.

  1. Thanks to strong valuations and available capital transaction levels will remain high
  2. As the medical industry continues its focus on outpatient services development will continue
  3. Healthcare providers will continue to lease and purchase medical office locations that are more convenient for their customers to get to.  This is being referred to as the retailization of healthcare.
  4. Short term interest rates will increase thus causing the cost of capital to do the same.
  5. Healthcare provider consolidations (e.g. hospitals acquiring medical practices) will continue in an effort to increase efficiencies and decrease costs.
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