Top 7 Office Space Design Trends for 2016

As competition is higher between companies for top talent it’s important that they stay on the cutting edge of office space design and amenities.  Below are a few office space design trends of 2016 that many companies are having implemented to help them recruit and retain employees and to have office space that is much more efficient:

  1. Open Office Space Concept – Yes regardless of all the debate you hear out there on whether employees like or dislike working in an open office environment more than 3/4 of all companies have shifted to an open office layout so it is here to stay.
  2. Glass Walls and Doors – Glass walls and doors are very popular allowing every employee to feel like they have a windowed office and enjoy the natural light.  It also makes a big office feel like everything is more visible and transparent.
  3. Coffee Bars – The coffee shop concept is very popular allowing more social interaction, free drinks, and a general feeling that you are working at a coffee shop!
  4. Gyms & Lockers – You want your employees to be healthy and fit right?
  5. Meeting Rooms – Fewer offices however more rooms for collaborating and having meetings.
  6. Outdoor Patios – More buildings are creating outdoor patios with WiFi allowing employees to work outside.  Literally bringing the inside of the office…..outside.
  7. Multipurpose Rooms – No more wasted spaces!  Break rooms and other areas are being made into multipurpose rooms.



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