How to turn your Office Design into a Recruiting Tool

As startups you do not only need to gain new customers, you also need to attract great talent. Studies show that talent, especially young ones do not only look for a good company, but they also look for a beautifully designed COOL office.

Employees are more motivated to go to work if they have a nice working environment. If you are a startup, you can attract great talent by having a cool office space design. Here are some effective ways to turn your office design into a recruiting tool:

Flexible Furniture

You can look for cool and out of this world looking furniture like office chairs or tables. You can look for innovative design working pods that can be transformed into different shapes or that offer additional features for the user.

Common places where people want to hang out are coffee shops like Starbucks. You can transform your office space or meeting area to that of a coffee shop setup. You can also provide some additional incentives like a cappuccino vending machine that makes delicious free coffee for all.

Remote workers

If you have a great office, remote workers will be enticed to come into the office and work there because the setting is much cooler and relaxing than working from home or from a coffee shop.

Turning your office into a recruiting tool is a great way to manage retention as well as attract fresh and talented employees.

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