Valentine’s Day Ideas For the Office

As a leader, part of your job is to keep your employees’ morale high. With this years’ budget cut-offs and layoffs, this is an occasion where you can refresh your office spirit and celebrate Valentine’s Day! We know that this day is about roses and chocolates for most of your employees. However, some companies are allergic to this day. Well, it is best to keep your office in positive spirits that is also within your office budget.


It may be simple but chocolate candies can be shared in the office just to share the true meaning of hearts’ day. You may be too focused on business finances and all but your employees and we grown-ups love to indulge in rich treats. Get a mixed classic candy like Dove Bites, Hershey kisses, and Resses and might want to make an effort or get someone early in the morning to place those candies on each of your employee’s mousepad. Do not forget to put a personal note from you. You will never know what kind of magic this simple effort will bring in your office.


A flower for each or decoration on every section of your office will also have a positive effect in your office today. Remember, it is a day that is supposedly shared to your loved ones. Most people who will come in the office may want to just go home and spend their day with their loved ones or families. Keep the spirit high by decorating your office with flowers or paper cuts.


You may want to plot an activity all within the day and fined a Valentine’s Day themed word puzzle. This is to avoid sentimentality and keep the fun rolling in your office.

These are just very simple efforts that you could do in your office. It is one way of keeping your employee’s spirit high during this Love month season.

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