Video Conferencing To Be Their Preferred Communications Tool In 2016

Video conferencing will become the communication tool of choice by the majority of HR managers and professionals by 2016. The duties and functions of HR representatives are said to gain efficiency and effectiveness in the use of videos.

Recruitment, trainings, and conferences are proven to be successful with the use of video because of its flexibility. The Vice President of Talent Management of Polycom, Daniel Sonsino, explained that video conferencing enable employees, supervisors and managers, and clients to create flexible work environment. It increases satisfaction and productivity on all parties because of the free control of the time and place, cut in expenses, success of conference scheduling, and accessibility of knowledge and information.

Sonsino further explained that video conferencing had its flaws such as first-hand experience, skills development, and team building. These factors can only be achieved through face-to-face encounter.

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