Watch Out Patent Trolls, Big Business Is Tired of Your Games

Nobody likes patent abuse however nobody likes companies that purchase and hoard patents for the sole purpose of earning money by threatening and suing businesses.

This new trend of patent trolling has gotten way out of hand and major companies have taken notice and are coming together to push Washington lawmakers to protect them against this type of extortion.

Patent regulation is needed however should not be used in a way that inhibits innovation and job creation………and only leads to unnecessary, expensive lawsuits.  I have seen this first hand where a company has a great idea and software platform that could create jobs for many however because it uses part of a patent that is owned by Ameranth their company is going to fail.  There are many more companies that the company is engaging in lawsuits or forcing to sign licensing agreements that keep them from being profitable.

The greed in the world is one of our downfalls!  Read the full story here

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