What to Do To Increase Office Productivity

Companies are constantly researching for methods on how to increase their employee’s productivity. Some companies do not know the importance of a good workplace design can have a great impact on their employees’ morale and productivity.

Here are some tips on how to increase office productivity in your own simple ways.

Redecorate your office space to allow more open spaces. Open spaces encourage interaction and socialization among employees. However, you need to leave some spaces for conference calls and team meeting to shut off and contain noise.

Make sure to maintain the working height at about elbow height. Make sure to put supplies and disposal areas near your employees’ workstation to decrease time wasted from going to and from this area.

If you are investing on furniture like chairs or tables, it is best to invest on adjustable furniture to have your employees’ control on their preferred height or tables. Ergonomic chairs may be a little expensive than the regular chairs, but they give more benefits to your employees and to you.

Encourage a clutter-free workplace and encourage a more personalize workstation.

If your office lights are too glaring, you can invest on anti-glare panels to install in your ceiling or invest on lights that are not too glaring.

Make conference room or discussion rooms a more coffee shop design room. Replace those standard office chairs to sofas to encourage healthy collaboration with their team.

Put a little kiosk somewhere for employees to freshen up, and they get stressed or frustrated at work.

Insert fun in your office like putting a recreational area and put a treadmill, golf area, or a place to listen to music.

These small redecorating tips could help improve productivity and encourage positive attitude in going to work.


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