Why are Women in Business Not Taken as Seriously than Men?

Why are women in business not taken as seriously than men? Will Hiring more women leaders make your company culture better?  You better believe it!  According to this study women outscored men in 15 of the 16 competencies that are most important for leaders to be effective.  Taking initiative, which is one of the core traits thought to be dominated by men, women outscored them by over 11%!

I think a lot of companies are missing the boat and underestimating the value that women have in their organizations.  If developed, nurtured, and encouraged there is an endless supply of talent to be had.  Women are results driven, better at building teams and creating collaborative environments, better at developing others, more motivating and inspirational, and as a result are typically better liked by their peers and employees.  What does that all mean to a company?  Happy employees that stick around longer, happy customers, and more profit for the company.

The infographic below does focus on a few positive strides we have made toward gender equality in business however we still have a long way to go.  According to their research only 3% of CEO’s are women and overall they are still severely underpaid compared to their male peers.

women in business

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