WHY COWORKING MAKES PEOPLE HAPPIER AND HEALTHIERCoworking continues to grow in popularity not only with freelancers, independent contractors, or solopreneurs, but also with startup companies who are not ready to lease office space for 3-5 years.  In fact experts estimate that by 2020 over 40% of the workforce will be made up of those seeking flexible office space arrangements.

There are many benefits to adopting coworking or a coworking office environment.  Below are a few that might entice you to do the same:

  • Increase your ability to network and grow meaningful relationships with like-minded people
  • Can be a better alternative to working from home
  • Freedom to sit or stand in different areas throughout the day offers a change of scenery and fresh surroundings
  • Encourages collaboration & inspiration
  • Options to work in open areas to socialize with others or work in private if you need to concentrate
  • Enhance your creativity by sharing ideas and thoughts with different organizations
  • Gives people a sense of control and opportunity around work

Coworking is not for every0ne or every company however many past disbelievers are changing their tune.  As more studies are printed regarding the benefits of coworking more people are giving it a try.  And because coworking agreements don't require long term contracts that makes trying it that much easier!

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