Workspace Lets You Charge Your Gadgets by Pedaling

Electricity has become insatiable to the new aged technology world and author, Alan Khanukaev presents in this article the innovativeness of Pedal Power in electricity generation through pedaling.

The company founders Steve Blood and Andy Wekin want people to understand how to save energy resources and is continuously revolutionizing more efficient way of pedaling for power generation. The Pedal Genny and the Big Rig are the company’s versions of self-powered generators. The Pedal Genny is more portable that it can fit below a table while the latter has an ergonomic seat and work surface plus a flywheel for easy pedaling. Though the assembly for such takes time since it is completely hand built.

It would be great for pedal power to be applied in places where most people stay like in the offices and coffee shops but more than this, its application is more beneficial in places with less or no access to grid. Campaigns for generating manual power have started already, it encourages a more fun way to charge up your gadgets – that is by pedaling.

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