10 Office Space Leasing Mistakes Tenants Commonly Make

common office space leasing mistakesRenting office space should not be taken for granted as it is much more complicated than renting an apartment. Finding office space for rent and negotiating the terms and conditions should be taken seriously and you want to make sure to avoid the 10 office space leasing mistakes below that many tenants make.

  1. Only thinking about the costs
  2. Waiting until the last minute to negotiate
  3. Looking for space without having a clue about your current and future space needs
  4. Taking too much time to make a decision when a good offer is on the table only to lose it to someone else
  5. Not working with a commercial real estate team such as a commercial real estate agent, attorney, architect, contractor, etc.
  6. Not making clearly defined business and real estate goals and objectives
  7. Not designating one person in your company to be responsible for the office space search
  8. Not considering expansions needs later on when looking for space now
  9. Not negotiating termination, downsize options, or other exit strategies in your lease
  10. Not giving yourself enough time before your existing lease expires to thoroughly search the market and search for space
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